About Us

The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc www.vcc.org.nz is the parent body of our organisation formed in 1946 it has been the almost sole organisation that covers all the cars over 40 yrs old. On a semi regional basis there are about 38 Branch’s that have been created over the years to cater for the local enthusiasts needs. The average branch is well run with 200 to 500 members and normally centred around a club rooms which has been created by those members by volunteer efforts and or local council support.

Back in the early 70′s the population of Auckland was such that a new branch was formed on the North Shore side of Auckland and all of us in this area became members of the North Shore Branch of the VCCNZ. www.nsvcc.co.nz However after 8 years of intense fund raising, club room acquisition and endless working bees, it became apparent that the club was more involved in the clubrooms than the motoring! The end result was yet another split and the Waitemata Branch was formed by the so called “old guard” to promote the use and enjoyment of Vintage Motoring in appropriate environments with suitable vehicles. Waitemata Branch is one of the few VCC branches that doesn’t own clubrooms which has meant that our membership has became rather more specialised and wide ranging than most other branches of the VCCNZ.

So we are seen as the hairy chested motorists of the VCCNZ and deliberately try to do everything with a dash of style and élan! This has been reflected in our club magazine “Phoenix” which has always used a strong sense of visual style that invokes the era from which our cars were created i.e. the 20&30s.
We tend not to participate with any of the so called Classic Cars and even our motor racing qualification cuts off at 1960!

We have several principal events during the year and these are Vintage Motor Sport in the form of the Springhill Speed Event, the “Roycroft Trophy” track racing at Hampton Downs and the Historic Chelsea Sugar Works Hillclimb.

We also specialise in long distance Vintage Touring with the premier event being our Mid Winter event “The R’Oil Can Rally”. A full blooded days motoring run over back country Vintage roads to a over night mystery destination and hearty dinner. This is a highly anticipated event with the 70+ entrants coming from all parts of New Zealand to participate.